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Chatterbox Falls


I was born and raised in Puyallup, Washington and have spent the majority of my life working in banking in Tacoma, 10 miles west. I started sailing in the early 80’s. I had a small 24’ sailboat that I sailed in southern Puget Sound for a few years. I went up to 30’, Ragnarok, in 1990 and started some club racing in the Tacoma area.  My good friend Bryan purchased a 42’ cutter rigged ketch, in which we circumnavigated Vancouver Island twice. When he was going to put Fjaera up for sale in 1997 I bought her and sailed her for ten years. Linda and I made multiple trips to British Columbia. We moored Fjaera in Bellingham for six years so we could sail in the San Juan Islands on the weekends. When one of my friends, Dave, bought a trimaran, Coral Reefer a F-31, I was hooked on multihulls. We also chartered twice in Belize to help with the decision process as to what size of catamaran we would like for our retirement boat. We decided on a Manta MkIV from Manta Catamarans in Sarasota, Florida. Construction was started in November 2007 and completed March 2008. We decided to name her, Helios, who was the Greek God that pulled the Sun across the sky with his chariot, a two wheeled vehicle & two hulled boat. In 2008, I completed the exam an became a U.S.C.G. licensed Captain and recently renewed my license and increased it to 50 ton. I retired from banking in 2008 and served on the Board of Directors for Citizens for a Healthy Bay for 12 years before retiring from it also, and finished serving my third and final year on the Board of Trustees of the Tacoma Yacht Club June of 2015.


I was born and raised in Hoquiam, Washington, which is on the Washington coast. I came to Tacoma in the early 80’s in my banking career. I was active in the outdoors hiking and cross country skiing. My son, Brian, and his family live 10 minutes away here in Tacoma. I met Bruce in 1997 and he convinced me to try sailing, but suggested I take lessons from TWSA, (Tacoma Women’s Sailing Association). My friend Jan and I did that and it was a great way to learn, being on an all women boat. I am not a racer and enjoy the cruising aspect of sailing. I enjoy the relaxation of being out on the boat even if only for a weekend. I look forward to having the time to cruise with an open time line after I retire.

Helios in Key Largo                        Ragnarok under spinnaker

Linda and I on Helios in Key Largo            Ragnarok in Commencement Bay ( hadn't painted name change)

Fjaera under full sail in Budd Inlet

Fjaera under sail in South Puget Sound, 42' on deck, 52' overall, full keel

General Sailing Plans for the Future

We picked up Helios in April 2008 and sailed her from Sarasota Florida to Ft. Lauderdale. She was shipped on YachtPath International to Nanaimo, British Columbia and then we brought to her home at Breakwater Marina in Tacoma, Washington. The sailing trip was great fun and is covered in  more depth on another page. We completed a three week trip into British Columbia to return to the Desolation Sound—Discovery Islands area, in late June and early July 2009.  Helios is a ten minute drive from our house, which makes it easy for after work sailing when there is daylight. We belong to the Tacoma Yacht Club and use their outstations for weekend trips, along with the fact that there are six State of Washington Marine Parks less than 20 miles from Breakwater Marina.  The weekend trips along with the longer summer trips will provide us with some time on Helios in varying conditions. When Linda retires we will take a spring - summer long trip to see the glaciers in Alaska and the Haida Gwaii, (Queen Charlotte Islands), in British Columbia. We have backed off on cruising outside the PNW. We think that Helios would make a good summer home, while we have a winter home in Arizona.

Summer 2020 Sailing Plans

We are going to spend the majority of this summer's cruise in British Columbia. We have a number of anchorages that we haven't been in before in the Broughton Archepeligo. If the weather is cooperating we might try to go around Cape Caution to the Central B. C. coast where we have never been before. We anticipate splashing Helios the first part of June and putting her back on the hard in Anacortes the end of September or first part of October depending upon the weather.


Grandchildren and future crew 

     Paxton & Kelsey in helm seat  P & K Ewing Cove Sucia Island

Both Paxton and Kelsey have taken sailing lessons through the junior sailing program at the Tacoma Yacht Club, http://tacomayachtclub.org/site/Home.html and are looking forward to practicing their skills on Helios. Kelsey had three years, while Paxton had already taken two years. Paxton and Kelsey joined the Tacoma Yacht Club as a Junior Members and served as crew on Helios, together and individually.