Lake Roosevelt Houseboat Trip 2006

Hildebrand, Willis, Reunanen & Kilen Families

The Group

Our Friend Jan


Brett and Connie

Brett aka "Smee"    Connie

Elise and Erik

 Elise Red Sox Hat    Erik

Brian and Crystal

  Brian Floating    Crystal

Paxton and Kelsey

  Paxton driving houseboat    Kelsey driving houseboat

Linda and Bruce

  Linda aka Grandma    Bruce aka Grandpa

We all gathered in Wilbur, Washington to load up the houseboat with food and toys in August of 2006 to share a week together. We had rented a 54’ houseboat from Roosevelt Recreational Enterprises. Known for its warm, dry climate, and sunny skies, the lake is 150 miles long with 630 miles of beautiful shoreline. Summer temperatures range from 75 to 100 degrees with spring and fall temperatures on the lake are unusually warm for this northern latitude. Water temperatures climb well into the 70’s during the heat of the summer. We had brought along our 19’ I/O, to go ahead and scout out good moorage. We headed out the first day planning on traveling for about 3 hours, but cut it short after a little less than 2 hours. We nosed the houseboat into the beach, drove in the stakes to tie the aft stern lines, and we were set for the evening. You may click on the following pictures to see a larger version.

Houseboat and Floating Island  Erik-Elise-Paxton-Kelsey   Connie-Jan-Linda

The second day we headed out after a leisurely morning. We traveled east towards the bend in the lake and saw a good spot, but felt it was to soon to stop and headed for the bend north in the lake. We headed into a little inlet at the bend and secured the houseboat to shore.

 Connie-Kids-Grandkids   Sunset on Lake Roosevelt   Brett and Connie

A decision was made to backtrack to the small inlet that we saw traveling yesterday. We had sent the scouts up the lake with Lil’ Boat and they returned with the news that they didn’t see anything better. We returned to the inlet and there was another boat at the head of the inlet who left in the afternoon. We had a meeting and decided this was where we would spend the rest of the week. We could use Lil’ Boat to go to the store, (1/2 hour trip), to get water, ice, groceries and to sightsee. This was a great spot as we could swim across the inlet, climb the sand banks and it was 25’+ deep off the stern of the houseboat. Paxton and Kelsey were making good use of the slide, while Brett and Connie set up camp on shore. The temperature was in the 90’s during the day and 65 to 70 at night. Brian and Brett were diving for scores off the top of the houseboat, but Paxton won. I think grandma, Jan and Connie were the judges, which accounts for the winner.

  Brett diving off houseboat   Connie and Erik shore camp   Brian and Paxton pushed off by Kelsey

Our floating island got a lot of use, along with the various floating chairs and mattresses. Grandpa and Kelsey swam across to dive off the rocks. Paxton and Erik tried to see if any fish were interested without success. Everyone relaxed and enjoyed the days and nights.

Erik and Paxton fishing gear   Brian driving Lil' Boat   Brett-Elise-Kelsey Floating Island

Brett-Brian-Erik checking out shore and inlet   Reunanen Family in Lil' Boat   Grandpa and Kelsey diving from rocks into inlet

The scenery was outstanding with the Columbia River cutting through the rock and then after the Grand Coulee Dam was done Lake Roosevelt filled in the valleys. There are little nooks and crannies all over so everyone renting a houseboat could find their own little area

Little nook in the lake   Little Island in the lake   Second little island in the lake

The clear skies provided some wonderful opportunities for pictures and especially the sunsets in the evenings. There is no development along the lake, as most of the shoreline is owned by the Indian Tribes, State or Federal forest land. We could look west down the lake for the sunsets and since it is a very dry environment there were not a lot of bugs so you could spend time outside in the evenings.

Pink sunset on Lake Roosevelt   Yellow sunset and Brett & Connie swimming   Red sunset on Lake Roosevelt