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December 29th to January 1st

Linda and I decided that spending New Year's on Helios at Wollochet would be our choice for bringing in the new year. We left Saturday morning late since it was ebbing through the Narrows until around 1:30. There were only two other boats at Wollochet when we arrived, besides Home Run. It was a good time for inside projects so we kept busy warm and dry. Sunday was a good day to wash some of crud off that had accumulated over the past few months. Linda and I spent almost 3 hours scrubbing Helios from the bimini to the waterline. All the hard work that we had put in last summer waxing and buffing sure paid off, as Helios cleaned up very well. We were left alone on Monday as Ivan & Mary Ann, Rod & Ivonna left to go to the Yacht Club's New Year's Eve Party. Lester was alone as Linda was spending time with her father, who was in the hospital, and they drove over for the TYC party. We got to watch all the houses set off their fireworks well past midnight, it was quite a show. We had breakfast New Year's Day and then headed home in time to watch the Rose Bowl. It was a good time, as we had not spent New Years on the boat since Fjaera.

January 25th to January 27th

We had signed up for the Bell Harbor cruise again this year, after having a good time on our first time last year. The weather was not conducive to sailing so we motored up Colvos and crossed over into Elliot Bay and Bell Harbor Marina. We already knew our mooring for the weekend. Lester had assigned us an end tie shared with the Bennisons on Well Done.


We traded text messages with the Guizzettis, as we made arrangements to meet them for dinner at the Capital Grill. We always enjoy eating there, with excellent food and service. We slept very well Friday night. We were up early to have coffee and breakfast and then meet Joe and Cheryl for a day at the Boatshow. The weather wasn't that promising so we just spent our time at the Century Exhibition Hall looking at all the booths. We got back to Helios to get ready for dinner at Anthony's with the rest of the TYC members. It was back to Helios after dinner for a movie and then bed. We were up a little later than the previous day and were on our way back to Tacoma a little after noon. The wind was basically on our nose, so we buttoned down the cockpit and motored back to Breakwater.

March 1st to March 3rd - TYC Poulsbo Cruise

March 1st

We untied a little before 9 and headed out of Breakwater Marina for Poulsbo Marina and the TYC get together. It was misting and the wind was below 10 so we passed on putting the sails up. The current was heading north so we were able to get a good lift, and were doing around 8 knots SOG. We heard Mike Hoffman hail Alan Rencowski on VHF and knew the migration had started. We had 4 of the powerboats pass us going up Colvos and were tempted to raise the headsail for some additional speed, but decided to wait until we were through Rich Passage. The current of over 3 knots was against us going through Rich Passage, so it took awhile, even though we hugged the west side of the passage at the start and caught a back eddy, so that we were moving 7 knots SOG. Once we rounded the green dolphin marker there was no escape from the current and we had a ferry coming from Bremerton, and our speed was down below 3 knots SOG. We headed up Port Orchard channel with the headsail up and motor sailed. We were showing 8.5 to 9.0 knots on the knotmeter and about 1 knot less SOG.

The wind was quartering off the starboard aft beam as we backed into our slip with plenty of help from other members. The afternoon was spent taking a quick walk through town and picking up a bottle of wine for Linda. Linda was getting over a cold so she rested while I went down and visited with the other members. We both went down for some soup and bread at 6, but the floating party barge was down 5 inches in the water loud and crowded. We decided to eat back at Helios and settle in for the evening. Linda read while I watched Tai Pan, a movie from a James Clavell novel about the establishment of Hong Kong in the 1800’s.

March 2nd

I was up at 6, made coffee and checked the weather. It looks like steady wind the rest of the weekend with a shower here and there. After breakfast I walked up to the party barge and had more coffee with Mike Hoffman, Brad Baker, Mark Helling and a few others. We got kicked out of the building for the “Opening Day” meeting. Mike and I went to Brad’s boat to see his new electronics. While I was doing this, Linda had attacked the bridge deck with some of the cleaner, sealer and citrus oil. I was headed back to the boat when she was headed to town. A little later after Linda returned from her shopping trip, (new stuff for the galley), I got a call from Doug. He and Nyla were just finishing lunch in Poulsbo and wanted to check if we were on Helios. They had taken the motorhome to Ft. Flagler on Marrowstone Island and ridden the Harley down to Poulsbo. They came aboard to visit for a while before heading out to get back before the rain. After they left we read and watched some recorded shows until it was time to get ready to go to the dinner at the Poulsbo Yacht Club. Ron H had rented a 15 passenger van to shuttle members back and forth, and since it was raining/misting lightly, we decided to avail ourselves to the dry transportation. We visited with various members during happy hour and sat with Lester & Linda Dent and Kevin, Taunja & Brooke Vander Vaate for dinner. We had a good time and decided to walk home around 9, since the weather had given us a break. It was a little chilly, but it helped settle the meal. Linda headed to bed to be warm and snuggly, while I watched a couple of TV shows, before heading to bed to read for a while.

March 3rd

We slept in until 7, waking to sunshine. We had coffee and breakfast, and then I walked down to the barge to chit chat with some of the members. There were people leaving starting at 8:30 with light winds and sunshine. I walked back with Mike Hoffman and gave him a tour of Helios, as he had not been aboard. He returned the favor by asking Linda and I to tour Lady Hawk, a Son Ship 80. We think Helios is roomy, but it is nothing close to Lady Hawk. I was jealous of the workroom next to the engine room. We left the Hoffman’s boat to get ready to leave Poulsbo, wishing we could spend another day in the sunshine. The winds were light and forecasting to stay that way, so with adverse current in Colvos, we left on the sail covers. We left a little before noon, and had 5 O’ Clock and Lady Hawk pass us as we entered Port Orchard Channel. We arrived at Breakwater at 4 and were driving home by 4:30. It was a great weekend, and we are looking forward to our next trip, and will start planning for the summer long trip.


4th of July Weekend

Joe Guizzetti had called to see if we would be interested in "Buddy Boating" over to Gig Harbor and Arabellas for the 4th of July weekend, to which we quickly agreed. He made the reservations for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so it would be a long weekend. Linda was able to get out of the office around noon and we were tied up by 2:30 enjoying the sunshine. A text message from Joe said they should be coming in around 5. We had picked up a hitchhiker in our grandson, Paxton. He has his driver's permit and drove us down to the marina. The five of us walked to El Puebito restaurant for dinner. The next day saw more grandchildren as Joe and Cheryl's daughter, Michelle, and husband Eric brought their two boys, Gavin and Max, and they picked up Paxton's sister, Kelsey, and her friend Zaire. The plan was for everyone to load up on Helios and we would motor over to the Air Show during the afternoon, 1:30-3:30, and then come back to Gig Harbor for dinner, followed by Helios taking everyone back to Commencement Bay for the Tacoma fireworks show. The weather was hot so the kids were all swimming off "The Big Fun Island". We didn't get tied back up after the fireworks until almost midnight, and Paxton gave up his bed to the girls and slept, uncomfortably on the saloon cushions.


Friday saw our daughter-in-law, Crystal, drive over to pick up the girls around noon, with Paxton opting to stay another day, with the promise he would get his chores at home done before Sunday night. Michelle brought the boys to the marina, while Eric was golfing with his dad, and Paxton kept them entertained when they had their "Water War", with all three of them getting a little wet, then Paxton gave them a ride in the dinghy. Crystal was over early Saturday morning to get Paxton, and both couples noticed the energy level on the boats was far less with no grandkids. Saturday was spent with little projects and then a gathering in the late afternoon on the front deck of Helios to watch the harbor activity. We used the dinghy to go over to Anthony's and then back to the front deck until the first stars began to show themselves, and it was time for bed. It was a lazy Sunday morning and we headed for home around 1 with Focused. We are looking forward to our "Buddy Boating" trip to the Princess Louisa Inlet in two weeks.


August 16th-18th

We decided to have a weekend on Helios at anchor. Linda was able to be home by 5 and since she had already packed her weekend bag in the morning, and I had my stuff and the groceries on board, we were away from the dock and under way around 5:30. The current through "The Narrows" was not in our favor, but of the two ebbs each day the one we were motoring against was the smaller, so we only had 1.5 knots against us. We went down under the bridges, past Fox Island and between Eagle and McNeil Islands. We briefly thought about grabbing a buoy at Eagle Island, but it appeared there were only two, and they were taken. The cruising guide and the chart shows 5 buoys, so some have been removed. It was a little lumpy, so Filucy Bay was our choice. Their were 3 boats anchored in the bay, which could hold 20, and we had our pick of anchorage positions. We anchored in 23 feet, anticipating the shallow water at the big ebb, would still leave us 14-15 feet under the keels. The wind was just strong enough and sunset about 1/2 hour away, which made our choice of seating to be in the cockpit with the panels down. It was very quiet and we enjoyed that quiet the whole weekend. We talked and watched the stars come out before moving inside. I put a Criminal Minds on to watch, and Linda watched one episode and then moved to the bed to read while I watched another, before heading to bed. We were up late Saturday morning for coffee and an 8:00 breakfast. We each had some small projects that we wanted to get done, and were able to finish up by early afternoon. We lowered the dinghy and toured the bay and the Longbranch Marina, which had open dock space for transient mariners. It was spaghetti and french bread for dinner with a little reading before bed. Sunday we decided to stay a little later, even if it meant we would fight the flood current going home in the afternoon. We raised anchor around 2:30 and decided to check the wind once we were through Balch Passage before taking the sail covers off. As we approached the east end of Fox Island the headsail cover came off and we motor sailed home to Breakwater, at times hitting over 9 knots, with the apparent wind 8-10 knots helping us along. I didn't take the camera out, but if you check previous logs of our trips to Filucy Bay there are some good pix.

August 30th & 31st - September 1st & 2nd

We had decided to make a long Labor Day weekend, and Linda had taken Friday off. I had all the food and miscellaneous stuff loaded on Helios on Thursday, so all we needed Friday morning was a small bag, each, with our clothes for the weekend. We were untied and on our way to the Eagle Harbor outstation by 9:30 Friday morning. There was no wind, so we motored up Colvos, and around the east side of Blake Island, then behind Blakely Rock and into Eagle Harbor. There was only one spot left at the dock, and we had to do a starboard tie to make it work. I texted Joe that he would be rafting off us, as the outstation was full. Joe and Cheryl were under the 11th Street Bridge at 2 and tying up to Helios a little before 6. We each had dinner on our boats and then sat and visited in Helios’ cockpit, so we could hear about the Island Packet rendezvous in Point Hudson marina. It was a fairly early night and late morning. We decided to drop the dinghy and head over to Winslow around 2, so shopping could be done and then have an early dinner at San Carlos. Sunday morning was clear and plenty of dew on the decks that needed to be wiped, prior to walking on them. We were going to take a dinghy tour of the harbor, and the marinas, and then go to a late lunch/early dinner at the Pub. We were a little slow out of the gate and decided to eat first then tour. The Pub was a busy place and we had to wait almost 45 minutes, so Joe and I left the girls and we walked over to the Chandlery to see if there was anything we might want. The food was good and there wasn’t much moving around in the dinghy afterwards, as we let it settle. We walked the docks upon our return talking to the guys on Hecate Ranger and getting a little of its history. Since we were rafted together and our cockpits were adjoining we sat and visiting until almost 10, watching a beautiful sunset and the stars coming out. Monday morning was a little cloudy, and we decided to leave around 11, being hopeful there would be wind to sail home. We went down East Passage for a change of pace, but could not find any wind. Helios was tied up in her slip by 4:30 and we were home before 5. It was a very relaxing weekend.