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January 24th - 26th

Paxton and I double handed Helios from Breakwater to Bell Harbor starting on Friday morning. We left around nine and motored up Colvos Passage. There was very little wind, so no chance to sail. The Fleet Captain had a little different moorage arrangement for Helios compared to previous years. Helios was going to be part of a five boat raft between to finger piers, with Helios being the fourth boat and the last one with the ability to step off to the dock. Tusen Takk was supposed to raft on Helios' portside, but was unable to come as Nini Tayet came down with the flu and Rod showed extremely good sense in remaining home with her and not singlehanding up for the weekend. The Fleet Captain, John Long, changed the setup so Helios was able to stern in with a port tie and at 90' to 5 C's, while Dreamtime did a bow in and port tie on the other finger pier. We got the power hooked up and then used the "Community Hose" to do a light wash of Helios, to make the Admiral happy. Linda and I had decided that she would have son, Brian, drive her up after work and take Paxton home, so she wouldn't have to take a vacation day. She was able to get out a little early and was at Bell Harbor by 3 in the afternoon. We had dinner reservations with Joe and Cheryl Guizzetti at Blue Acres Seafood. They were spending the weekend in their Seattle condo, rather than bring Focused. The dinner was great, but we parked in a lot that closed while we were eating dinner, and spend almost an hour finding security personnel who could let us in & out of the parking garage. We checked after the fact and there was a small sign with the closing time. It cost an extra $25 to get out after hours, more $$ for Joe Diamond. Linda and I were up a little after 6 for coffee and later breakfast, and then were standing out front of Anthony's Restaurant for Joe and Cheryl to pick us up for the Boatshow. We went to the boats afloat portion first, and they had fewer sailboats than last year. The in the water portion is getting smaller each year. We went to Duke's Chowder House for lunch and then over to Century Link for the inside portion of the Boatshow. The girls headed off to look at stuff they were interested in, while Joe and I started at one end of the booths and looked at each one. It was nice to have nothing on the shopping list, so the main item was information. We got done with the Boatshow and Joe and Cheryl dropped us off at the marina, with the meeting time set for the yacht club dinner at Anthony's. The four of us grabbed a booth and had a good dinner. Joe and Cheryl were on their way to the condo, as they had a breakfast meeting in Tacoma in the morning. Linda and I read a little and then to bed. We were up before sunrise and had coffee and a late breakfast. We were on our way home to Tacoma by 11, and tied up in our slip before 3. It was a good weekend and nice to get Helios out.

February 14 - 17th

Linda and I had initially decided to go to Oro Bay and the TYC outstation on Saturday morning, but with the weather forecast a change in plans was made. I headed down to Helios around 10:30 Friday morning with my clothes and food for the weekend. I stowed everything away while the engines were warming up and was underway a little before noon. I didn’t have any rain but there was wind coming from the south, so I hugged the shoreline along Owens Beach to the Point. The current had just changed to a flood through the Narrows, which was against the wind. I had steady winds primarily on the nose in the 20-25 knot range with gusts up to 32 knots. I definitely appreciated the full enclosure, as I was able to just wear a fleece top with no coat. It took about 90 minutes to motor over to Wollochet and find the docks empty. It appeared that Lester and Linda had left for the weekend in their car. Lester had shut the water off to the docks, and I knew where to turn it on, but not where the drain valves were on the dock. The weather dictated that could be done later. Linda arrived around 5:30 and got her stuff stowed. We had dinner and then went over to Canterwood to pick up Paxton who had the day off from school and was with his girlfriend, Claire, for the day. We had him spend the night on Helios and after breakfast, Linda ran him home while I played detective and got the water working on the docks. I filled the water tank and rinsed Helios, also, washing some of the shells off the dock from the various bird meals. Linda arrived in the middle of a rain storm, and closed ourselves in for the rest of the day. Soup and crackers for dinner and then a movie followed by reading and bed. We were up at 6 for coffee and later breakfast and we saw a break in the weather, so it was time to scrub down Helios and get some of the winter green off. We had just gotten everything put away when the rains came. We are pretty well protected being on the inside of the dock next to shore, so that most of the wind waves blowing up the bay miss us. We settled in for a little reading and computer work, since we have wifi. Linda headed for our stateroom to read and nap, while I put on Jurassic Park to watch. We had fairly continuous rain but the trees on shore blocked any wind. Paxton had found a way over to Claire’s and needed a pick up, so we walked up in the rain to drive over the 8 miles to pick him up. I hadn’t planned on feeding a teenager this weekend so we needed a stop at QFC to pick up supplies for breakfast. Paxton and I watched some Rizzoli & Isles episodes before heading to bed. We were up before sunrise and had coffee, and Paxton got up when he smelled breakfast cooking. After breakfast we got Helios straightened up and Linda packed her stuff and took it up to her car. She helped Paxton and I cast off. I turned the helm over to Paxton and he drove most of the way back to Breakwater. We decided to stay tucked in the cockpit with the rain coming down, and didn’t sail. It took us a little less than 90 minutes and we were home two hours after we left the dock at Wollochet.

February 24th - March 7th

In December the yacht club sponsors its annual Winter Vashon Race and we have 75-100 sailboats participate in the 33 mile clockwise race around Vashon Island. One of the participants backed into Helios and cracked the starboard rub rail. His insurance company agreed to pay, and I ordered rub rail from Joe Hanko in Ft. Myers, Florida. Joe was the Captain who took me through commissioning when I picked Helios up from the factory. The recent weather caused some delays, but finally the rub rail had arrived, so Helios was hauled. I was able to use Citadel Marina Center here in Tacoma. They have a Sea Lift, which picks up catamarans inside the amas under the bridge deck. This was a great time and dollar savings for me. Previously, I had to motor to Seattle and go up the Duwamish River and three bridges, which can't open between 6-9 AM or 3-6 PM because of motor traffic. Also, because of the beam of Helios the large lift was required, which was $2,500 to lift in and out. At Citadel it will be less than that to haulout, power wash and two coats of bottom paint. The distance to travel was 30 minutes, instead of 30 miles. It was very easy to motor up and put the lift between the amas. My friend Joe came along to help, and also to see how things went. He will be using Citadel when it is time for Focused to get new bottom paint. They will put two full coats of Cukote, and a third coat from the waterline down 18 inches, which is what I had done 4 years ago.


The pictures above show Helios after she was power washed. The large zinc behind the propeller, protects the saildrive, and has been on for about 20 months. The smaller 3 sliver zincs that protect the propeller are changed about every 8-9 months. Breakwater is very easy on zincs, while the Foss Waterway where Joe mores Focused is a "Hot Zone" and zincs are checked and normally replaced every 90 days. I was very happy with how the Sea Hawk Cukote bottom paint has held up for the past 4 years. It is good to know that I can go that long in this cold water. I am also having installed two new through hulls in the front of the engine compartment for the raw water intake for the engine cooling system, rather than continue to use the raw water intake from the saildrives. The reason being, that little sea creatures enjoy the protection from living inside the saildrives, and restrict water flow to the engines. I am also having the waterline raised and adjusted because of the larger, heavier dinghy. I will have a new application of Prop Speed applied to the saildrives and propellers. I have drained the oil from the saildrives, and was relieved to see no water mixed in with the oil. I use 20-50 Pennzoil and have had no problems with the saildrives after over 1100 hours.

April 7th - 9th

Bellermine Prep was on Spring Break this week so Paxton and Vern (best friend) came aboard as crew for a trip to Poulsbo. We got things loaded on Helios and were untied headed out of Breakwater by 10:30. The forecast had been for winds out of the south at 10 knots, instead we had 2-3 knots from the north, so there was no sailing, just a 4 hour motor. I had called previously about moorage and was told to pick out whatever slip I wanted when I arrived, and we did. After we got things squared away the boys were up to the waterfront park, and then a stroll through town. Paxton was the guide as this was the first time for Vern to Poulsbo. I asked them to pick out a place for dinner, and the choice was Sogno's for pizza, which was excellent. We got back to Helios and they were on their ipads checking out the NCAA Basketball championship game, and later skyping with their girlfriends who were in San Antonio for the week. The next day the boys were up around 10 and headed to Sluy's Bakery for breakfast pastry, afterwards they were out and about. I cleaned up Helios and then showered. I walked up to the park to watch them toss a football around and later a racquetball. They had walked to the sports shop in the Poulsbo Village to go shopping. I walked around town to see what had changed since my last visit a year ago, and noticed some places had closed. There seemed to be a lot of activity for a Tuesday, and I checked out a couple of places for dinner, and headed back to Helios. We had a little rain in the afternoon, which brought the three of us inside for a while, to watch some shows. We decided to go to dinner around five and it was the Hare & Hounds, an English themed restaurant. Paxton is a mac & cheese fan, and they had five kinds, while Vern and I were more interested in burgers and sandwiches. They had various soccer scarves from different English teams along with one from the Seattle Sounders. After dinner we walked over to the same ice cream shop we had stopped at for desert last night to try out some different flavors. We watched a few shows and then they were off to skype. I read a little and headed to bed. We were up and a trip to Sluy's for breakfast. We untied and headed towards home a little before eleven, with no wind and were back tied up at our slip in Breakwater 4 1/2 hours later. It was a good trip.

May 17th - 18th

The TYC Spring Sailing Rally was this weekend, and we even had some wind for the start. The start was delayed unJust after the starttil 1:00 Saturday afternoon, because of the large ebb current coming north through The Narrows. We were early at the start and crossed over 10 seconds early, with the other boats behind Helios, it was safer to cross early, rather than turn in front of the boats following. The race was into the wind for the majority of the race, so it didn't take very long for the 40+ footers to pass us by. The wind ran out as we entered Wollochet Bay so Helios didn't get to show her downwind sailing prowess. We moored on the inside of the dock, as we were the shallowest draught boat in the rally. The sailors gathered on the dock to talk sailing and have a good time. It was a potluck dinner on the dock as we pulled all the picnic tables together, since the weather was very nice. Linda and I slept in and did some small projects on Sunday morning and helping the others untie and leave. We finally headed out leaving Latitudes alone on the dock, but they were going soon and had a short run back to Gig Harbor. We were tied up in our slip and headed home by 4.

May 22nd - 26th - Memorial Weekend Cruise

Linda had taken Thursday afternoon off, and we were untied and headed north to Eagle Harbor a little after noon. The weather was all sunshine and no wind, so it was a steady motor for almost 3 ½ hours. We were assigned the same moorage slip as last year at the end on the west side of the TYC outstation dock, and Focused rafted up to us. We got settled in and Linda and I went aboard Focused to enjoy the new enclosure. The evening was quickly upon us and we headed to bed around 8. Friday was predicted to be wet and it was. We stayed on the docks and walked around to visit with some club members. The weather held off for our Commodore to come in and moor with the club saluting him, and then it was time for the snack potluck, before heading back to Helios. We had decided to go to Winslow around 1 on Saturday and it was a full dinghy with Joe, Cheryl, Linda, Marla and I. The girls headed out to shop, while Joe and I decided to check out a few of our favorite stores, and a little coffee and conversation later, before meeting back up with the girls for dinner at a Mexican restaurant we hadn’t tried before, because the one we normally go to was celebrating 30 years and the regular menu was not available. After dinner we piled in the dinghy and headed back to the boats. We sat in our cockpit with one panel open and Joe and Cheryl did the same. We made up until 10 which might be a new record talking about our upcoming summer cruise.  Sunday was a day for visiting with other members and getting ready for the Commodore’s Roast and dinner. The Roast was well done and everyone had a good time, with Charlie (Commodore) taking everything with a smile. We went back and did the cockpit to cockpit visit until it was time for bed. Monday morning was the Memorial and we had three light colonels (army, marines & air force) and navy lieutenant in their uniforms, along with a local high school color guard.


The ceremony was solemn and appreciated by all. Afterwards I had a quick meeting of the Board of Trustees and then it was time to head home, into 15-20 knot southerly (of course) winds on the nose. Linda and I buttoned up the cockpit and motored. We were in our vehicle headed to the house by 4. It was a relaxing weekend.

June 13th - 15th

During the week we had discussed getting away on Helios for the weekend, since we had no commitments. Our friends Joe and Cheryl joined in and we tried to get space at Arabellas in Gig Harbor, but they had a yacht club in for the weekend, so we decided to anchor. Since Focused outweighs Helios by about 20k lbs, they would anchor and we would raft alongside. Linda got home from work a little early and we were down on Helios at 4, when Joe called and said the public dock in Gig Harbor had plenty of room. I told him to grab a spot and we were on our way. It took us less than ½ hour and we were pulling alongside the dock behind Focused. There is no water or power, but you don’t have to take a dinghy ride to go to town. We walked over to the nearby Mexican Restaurant for dinner and then back to the boats for a little conversation. We were up around 7 (slept in) and had a late breakfast. Linda and Cheryl headed to town for a little shopping, while Joe and I walked up to the marine store to wander around for a while. We were back at the boats for low tide around 1, as it was a -3.3, and I had 1.8’ under the keels of Helios, while Joe had a little less than 3’. The girls came back around 4 and it was decided to eat aboard, and then meet on Helios for wine and conversation. Sunday morning provided a Farmer’s Market of sorts. We all walked up at 11 to see what was there. Joe picked up some strawberries and we walked back down to the boats. Joe and Cheryl wanted to get going as they had planned on going out to Joe’s parents for Father’s Day, and wanted to clean up. Linda and I moved Helios away from the dock around 2 and were back in our slip before 3. It was a relaxing weekend.


November 7th - 9th

We decided to get away for a long weekend and Linda was able to leave a little early and we motored up to Des Moines Marina for the weekend. We had dinner aboard Helios and with the heater going it was warm and snug. We had planned on a relaxing weekend, so there were no major projects in the works. We did venture out when the weather cooperated and took a walk around town. It was fun to see all the changes since we had moved away in June 2008. It is a great little harbor town and the folks running the marina are super friendly. We decided to have dinner on Helios Saturday evening and then watched a movie, before Linda headed off to bed and a little reading, while I watched another movie before a little reading until the kindle hit me in the face and I turned out the light and went to sleep. We left Sunday around noon to no wind and motored the 12 miles back to the marina. It was a quiet relaxing weekend.