South Puget Sound

South Puget Sound

The numbers listed on the chart below are: 1—Breakwater Marina & Tacoma Yacht Club basin, 2—Quartermaster Harbor, 3-Narrows Bridge, 4-Wollochet Bay, 5-Fox Island, 6-McNeil Island, 7-Anderson Island & Oro Bay Outstation, 8-Carr Inlet, 9-Case Inlet, 10-Seattle, 11-Vashon Island, 12-Colvos Passage, 13-Longbranch Peninsula & Filucy Bay, 14-Harstine Island


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February 13th - 16th

I was a slow start of the year for us cruising the local area. We had a trip to Hawaii in January that used up a couple of weekends and rooting on the Seahawks blocked out some others. We kept checking the weather and President's Weekend looked very nice for being on the water. Linda got away from the office a couple of hours early and we headed towards the South Sound, Anderson Island and our Oro Bay outstation. The currents were against us and there was very little wind so the sail covers didn't come off. We were tied up to the outside dock about a 1/2 before sunset. I went up to the storage shed and unlocked the power cabinet and turned the power on for the docks. We had stopped at the Antique Sandwich Shoppe on our way to Helios, so that dinner was taken care of. It was a quiet evening with only the Martineks on there boat at the outstation. We had a lazy Saturday morning with a lot of reading going on, as I had a stack of boating magazines and Linda her kindle. We helped Jim and Janet untie, as they were headed home and then driving to Bremerton for the Heavy Weather get together. Shortly after the Martineks left, Gregg and Kelly Warter came in followed by the Sibbers. Linda and I took a walk to stretch our legs. We decided to use the Club's bar-b-que rather cook inside, and it worked very well both Saturday and Sunday evenings. We could see that the local seal and sea lion population has found the center dock a nice resting space. Jim had gotten out his bucket and washed away most of the crap on the docks. We were the last ones to leave on Monday and turned off the power and locked everything up. We decided to motor over between Ketron and the mainland for a change of pace on our way home. There was less than 5 knots of wind and what little there was, was coming in on our nose from the north. We were tied up at Breakwater and on our way home by 4:30.


October 9th - 12th

We had a three day weekend with Columbus Day being a federal holiday, so the bank would be closed and Linda would have the day off. I went to the store on Friday morning to gather supplies for the weekend trip, and then motored over to Wollochet as there was no wind to speak of, and having the current helping through the Narrows made the trip just over an hour. I tied up on the inside of the dock, and was the only boat there. I put my foul weather gear on and rinsed off the dock from the party results of the birds; mussel and clam shells along with guano. Linda got off work a little early and I walked up to unlock the gate and let her in to park her car, then locking the gate back up. The new locking gate on the ramp to the docks adds security. We debated going out for dinner, but decided that sandwiches and chip would be fine, since it was nice and cozy aboard Helios. We had another boat come in, Columbia, with Cliff Johnson and family. They had just purchased the Ocean Alexander used and joined TYC. I walked them through the sign in procedure and turning on the power, unlocking the gate, restrooms, and kitchen. They were only spending one night then off to Olympia. Saturday saw the rains come in force, along with some wind. We were tucked in between the dock and shore, and the trees on shore blocked the southerly wind, although Helios and the dock were covered in fir needles. The wind coming up the bay formed waves, however, the curve in the shoreline allowed Helios to remain in calm flat water. Sunday after breakfast it was time to put on the foul weather gear and rinse all the needles off Helios, which took quite awhile and we only got 98% of them. We did a lot of reading and watching movies, and then Monday around noon we locked up the outstation and I headed home and Linda came down to the slip to help me tie up, so we were back home by three in the afternoon well rested and relaxed.