South Puget Sound

South Puget Sound

The numbers listed on the chart below are: 1—Breakwater Marina & Tacoma Yacht Club basin, 2—Quartermaster Harbor, 3-Narrows Bridge, 4-Wollochet Bay, 5-Fox Island, 6-McNeil Island, 7-Anderson Island & Oro Bay Outstation, 8-Carr Inlet, 9-Case Inlet, 10-Seattle, 11-Vashon Island, 12-Colvos Passage, 13-Longbranch Peninsula & Filucy Bay, 14-Harstine Island

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December 29th to January 2nd

We had gone to one of TYC member’s home in early December for a Christmas party and during the discussion it came up that instead of planning a New Years trip to Princess Louisa Inlet that some of the members were going to cruise the South Sound. I talked to Linda and she said that she could take a couple of days off and we could participate in most of the cruise. We coordinated with the rest of the group and made our store purchases. We left Thursday the 29th with the intention of meeting up with the group at Longbranch in Filucy Bay; however, the weather gods had a different plan. We had a strong wind on the nose and against the flood current, so we were taking a pounding. We decided to stop at the TYC outstation in Wollochet Bay. We were the only ones there and were early enough that we got out the hose and washed Helios. We headed out the next morning to meet up with them by Hope Island north of Olympia. Sea Eagle had their anchor down with Speculator and Sayonara rafted on each side. We called and were directed to raft to Speculator. The four boats rafted together made for a nice social setting, for happy hour and dinner. The next day was cold and we moved to Percival Landing in Olympia for two nights. On New Year’s Eve we all had dinner together in a separate room at Anthony’s. We visited between boats the first day of year and had a joint breakfast on Sea Eagle. Linda and I headed home on the 2nd, and it was an uneventful trip back to Breakwater.

July 7th to 9th

I had a doctor's appointment with my surgeon at noon and after that was over Linda and I headed home to change, stop at the store and then to Helios. We were underway by 3 and headed to the TYC outstation at Wollochet Bay. I was still in recovery mode so all I did was sit in the helm seat and drive. It was good to get the boat out, since between replacing the hot water tank and having the watermaker serviced, and then my open heart surgery boat trips were on the back burner. We got Helios washed Saturday and did a complete inventory of what was aboard, so we would know what to get at the store for supplies for our upcoming two week vacation. I slept in the guest bed since I needed to be propped up while sleeping. We visited with the folks on the dock and had a very relaxing time. We left late Sunday morning to take advantage of the ebb through the Narrows and were tied up by one.