Heading out to Key West               Linda in bow seat

A catamaran sailing in the sun

Orca male
Discovery Cove


Bruce and Linda Kilen

Sailing in Washington

and British Columbia


Helios anchored in Octopus Islands

Helios anchored in Waiatt Bay

Both of us grew up in Western Washington. We have chartered in Belize and traveled in the Caribbean and Central America, along with trips to Hawaii. Retirement will allow us time to sail south to warm water and weather. We have sailed north to Desolation Sound and the Discovery Islands, Canadian Gulf Islands, San Juan Islands and South Puget Sound. We will continue to sail the Pacific Northwest until we are both retired

About Us and Future Sailing Plans

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Helios Blog Site


2019 Summer Cruise with TYC and cruise to British Columbia

2018 Summer trip

2017 Summer Trip in South Puget Sound

2016 Summer Trip to Barkley Sound

2015 A slow "Buddy Boating" cruise in the Gulf Islands

2014 - Discovery Islands & Desolation Sound with Focused

2013 "Buddy Boating" - Princess Louisa Inlet

2012 Summer Trip - "Buddy Boating" in the Gulf Islands

2012 Paxton & Kelsey in the San Juans

2011 Grandkids trip to the San Juans

2011 Summer Trip to the Gulf Islands

2010 British Columbia Trip to Princess Louisa

2009 British Columbia Trip with Helios to Broughton Islands

Local Sailing Trips

Older Sailing Trips

Blog Site (about sailing as crew from Ecuador to the Marquesas via the Galapagos)